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Peripheral Operation Problems - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Peripheral Operation Problems

Cannot use a PC/CF card.
The unit is locked when using the PC card
or USB device.
Cannot use the floppy disk drive.
While a system startup disk is in the drive,
the system cannot be restarted by
Ctrl +
switch and then pressing
does not restart the system.
Cannot use the floppy disk drive.
The access lamp on the floppy disk
drive does not go out.
Cannot use the floppy disk drive.
The system cannot be started up from a
floppy disk.
After restoring from the Hibernation Mode,
the connected USB-compatible device
does not work.
. Pressing the reset
Ctrl +
Recommended Action
Check to make sure the PC/CF card is
inserted correctly into the PC/CF card
If you set the unit to the Sleep Mode or
Hibernation Mode while the device
connected to the PC card is in use, the unit
may lock up when recovering. To prevent
data from being erased or the unit from
recommend you to select the setting
**"Close all applications before entering
Standby or Hibernation"**.
The floppy disk drive may be defective.
With your FIVA model number and FDD
model number on hand, contact your
original dealer or authorized distributor.
It may take considerable time to write
large volume data to the disk. Wait until
the access lamp goes out.
Select FDD>HDD from the Preferences
of the Settings in the Mobile Cockpit.
• Check that the cables are connected
• Disconnect the USB cable and then
connect it again.


Table of Contents

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