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Wake On Timer Setting; Power Management Setting - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide


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You can display the Windows standard files by pressing the referring
button and select desired application and then register it in each of one
touch operation buttons. If you do not register the application in the
button, leave the textbox vacant. In this case, the application does not
start up even when you press the button. In the default setting, the
"Microsoft Outlook Express", the "Internet Explorer" and the "Note pad"
are registered in the "Mail button", the "Internet button" and "Memo
button" respectively.

Wake On Timer Setting

You can specify the way to restore from the Sleep Mode by putting the
check mark
In the Sleep Mode (the Standby Mode or the Hibernation Mode), this
unit can be restored from the mode when the day and time you set

Power Management Setting

This allows you to prolong the using time of the battery pack when you
change the settings of the Sleep Mode, CPU, hard disk and the LCD
monitor and the power supply according to the conditions. (This function
is called "Power Management".)
To make the change of the using condition easier, the three modes of
"FULL POWER", "NORMAL" and "ECONOMY" are provided. And, for
the power, the two modes of "USER AC" and "USER DC" are provided.
The three modes and the two modes can be specified respectively. The
following items can be specified. In this window, the power management
setting for the system and the devices can be specified by selecting
"USER AC" or "USER DC", and the setting for this unit can be specified
by selecting "FULL POWER", "NORMAL" or "ECONOMY".
• The time until this unit enters the Sleep Mode after the unit is not
• The speed of CPU (Long-Run setting)
• The time until the function of hard disk stops after the unit is not used.
• The brightness of the display
• The time until nothing is displayed in the LCD monitor after the unit is
not used.
in the check box.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents