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Safety Precautions - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Safety Precautions

• To use this product safely and correctly, read this User's Guide
thoroughly and operate as instructed.
After reading this guide, keep it close at hand for easy reference.
• Always observe the warnings and cautions indicated on the product.
• If this guide is misplaced or damaged so as to be unreadable, a new
one can be ordered. To obtain a new User's Guide, contact the dealer
from which this product was purchased.
About the icons
In this guide various icons are used to highlight safe operation of this
product and to prevent injury to the operator and other personnel
and also to prevent damage to property and this product. The icons
and definitions are given below.
Indicates that there is a risk of severe injury or death if used incorrectly.
Indicates that injury or damage may result if used incorrectly.
Icon examples
To bring attention to risks and possible damage, the following types
of icons are used.
includes some symbol for attracting
attention (including warning). In this
triangle the actual type of precautions
to be taken (electric shock, in this
case) is indicated.
action. In this symbol the actual type
of prohibited actions (disassembly, in
this case) will be indicated.
restriction. In this symbol the type of
actual restriction (removal of the
power plug from an outlet, in this
case) is indicated.
symbol indicates that it
symbol indicates a prohibited
symbol indicates that a


Table of Contents

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