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Using The Battery Pack; Checking The Current Charge Level Of The Battery Pack - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Using the Battery Pack

FIVA comes with a standard battery pack when you purchase it. Once
you charge the battery pack, you can use FIVA without being connected
to a power outlet via the AC adaptor. FIVA also has a number of power
management functions that make battery operations more efficient.
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Checking the Current Charge Level of the Battery Pack

The battery pack discharges naturally even when you are not using it.
To prevent the malfunction caused by the wear of battery pack, make
sure you charge the battery pack fully before trying to use it to power
You can use any of the three following methods to check the current
charge level of the battery pack.
• The color of the BAT-LED indicator lamp
• The color of the PW-LED indicator lamp
• Mobile Cockpit
Checking the Battery Indicator Lamp Color
A green
adaptor indicates that the battery is fully charged.
When this happens, the "COMPLETE" message is displayed on Mobile
Cockpit's title bar. Charging is in progress when the
is orange.
for details about how to set the battery pack to FIVA, and
for information about charging the battery pack.
indicator lamp lit while FIVA is being powered by the AC
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indicator lamp


Table of Contents

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