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Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual page 11

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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System Recovery
• This product comes with Windows Me and a collection of utility
software pre-installed on its hard disk. Should the problem occur to
the system or applications due to an unexpected malfunction, you
can use the "Product Recovery CD-ROM" that comes with FIVA to
restore the factory default system. This returns FIVA the same settings
and state it was in when you originally purchased it.
Computer Viruses
Avoiding Computer Viruses
A computer virus is a program. It gets installed on your system without
you being aware of it, and can do anything from displaying strange
messages to destroying your data and other programs. A virus can
enter your system via a floppy diskette or network. Taking the following
precautions are normally sufficient to protect against having a virus
invade your system.
• Write protect the master copies of your programs and data files.
• Never open data files or run programs of unknown origin.
• Use a commercially available virus checker to check new programs,
and periodically check your system for virus contamination.
Use the latest version of a commercially available virus checker
to check your system.
An immediate virus check is recommended in the following cases.
• Check your system each time you start up your computer.
• Check any data file or program you received on a floppy diskette or
other external media, over a network, from a BBS or the Internet, via
e-mail, etc. before opening the file or running the program.
• Turn off this product before connecting or
disconnecting peripherals.
• Never apply impact or vibration.
• Never take this product apart.
• Use only the specified AC adaptor.
• The bottom of this product becomes warm
during use. Avoid using it on your lap for a
long period.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents