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Before Using Fiva For The First Time; Setting And Removing The Battery Pack - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Before Using FIVA for the First Time

Though operation is possible using the AC adaptor only, it is a good
idea to attach the battery pack and charge it before using FIVA for the
first time.

Setting and Removing the Battery Pack

When you set the full-charged battery pack, you can use this unit without
connecting the AC adaptor.
Make sure you correctly set the battery pack so it does not come off
accidentally during unit operation. Set up and removal procedures are
the same for both standard battery pack and large-capacity battery
The battery pack that comes with FIVA is not charged when you purchase
it. Be sure to fully charge the battery pack before using it to power FIVA.
Use only the battery pack that comes with FIVA or a battery pack
specified in this User's Guide. Use of other type of battery pack
creates the danger of fire.
To set the battery pack
1. Close FIVA and turn it over.
2. Carefully slide the battery pack onto FIVA as shown in the illustration
Make sure the battery pack is set securely to FIVA. Improper
setting can cause the battery pack to fall off during transport.
below until you hear it click securely into place. If you have trouble
getting the battery pack to connect to FIVA, try sliding the battery
pack release latch. Do not turn on FIVA yet.
Battery pack release latch



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