Connecting Peripherals; Connecting A Pair Of Headphones Or A Microphone - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Connecting Peripherals

Peripherals mean a a CD-ROM drive, an external floppy disk drive, etc.
that can be connected to this unit. This section describes how to connect
peripherals and how to install PC cards or expansion memory.
For the peripherals that are not described in this User's Guide, see the
manual that comes with the peripheral you are installing.
Be sure to turn off the power of FIVA and unplug the power cord before
connecting peripherals. Even for the peripherals that are compatible
with the plug and play function, it is better to turn off the power before

Connecting a pair of Headphones or a Microphone

By connecting commercially available headphones or microphone to
this unit, the sound function built in this unit can be used.
To connect the headphones
Connect the headphones plug to the headphones port ( ) on the front
of this unit. For details of the volume adjustment,
see "u Adjusting volume"
on page
Use a pair of headphones set which has the stereo mini jack (ø3.5 mm).
Connect the headphones plug to the headphones port ( ).
To disconnect the plug, pull it out from the port by holding the plug.
Do not use the headphones on the following occasions. Noise may be
• When turning on/off the power of this unit.
• When connecting/disconnecting the headphones.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents