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Using External Monitor - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Using External Monitor

Connect an external monitor to FIVA so that the operation can be
performed while viewing the big-screen. (Use the supplied RGB cable
for the connection.)
Opening the display panel is required for using the external monitor as
the unit enters the Sleep Mode automatically when the display panel is
To connect a Monitor
1. Turn on the power of FIVA after closing an application, etc.
Making sure that the cable is oriented correctly, connect one end of
the supplied RGB cable to the RGB port of this unit. Pull out the lid
on the left side of the unit so that the RGB port appears.
2. Making sure that the connecting cable from the external monitor is
oriented correctly, connect the connecting cable to the other end of
the RGB cable.
Connect the power cord of the monitor to other power outlet. (For
details, see the manual that comes with the monitor.)
3. Turn on the power of the external monitor.
After that, turn on the power of FIVA and starts up Windows Me.
4. Press
Each time
following order: LCD → External monitor→ LCD and External monitor
→ LCD.
• When disconnecting the RGB cable, hold the connector firmly while
pressing the eject levers on both sides of the connector, and pull it
out straight. Failure to do so may cause damage to the connector, or
break the cable.
• When the external monitor connected to this unit is used, inserting
the PCMCIA card (including the CF card) or updating the device driver
with the System on the Control Panel may temporarily darken the
monitor screen.
• The display screen momentarily goes blank when you change from
one monitor function to another. This is not malfunction.
to switch to the external monitor.
is pressed, the monitor function changes in the


Table of Contents

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