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Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual page 12

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide


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Precaution Label
• The label shown above is affixed to the bottom of FIVA.
Be sure to carefully observe these precautions at all times. Never
remove this label.
Should this label ever start to come off or should its contents become
unreadable, contact your original dealer or authorized distributor.
Power Requirements
• Plug the AC adaptor into a power outlet rated for 100V to 240V AC,
50/60Hz only.
• Do not connect FIVA to the same outlet of another device that
generates electrical noise. Such a device can corrupt data in FIVA.
Turning Off Power
• Never shut down the power while the system startup routine is being
executed or while a program is running. Doing so can cause data to
be lost or corrupted, causing malfunction of FIVA.
• Do not turn power on and then suddenly off again. Doing so can
cause data to be lost or corrupted, causing malfunction of FIVA.
• Use only the cables that come with FIVA or the one specified by CASIO
to connect it to other optional equipment.
• Never pull on cable or place heavy object on it. Doing so can cause
the cable to break or short.
The bottom of FIVA or the AC adaptor becomes warm during use
• This is caused by the CPU operation or the current when FIVA's battery
is charged. This is not malfunction. The heating value changes
according to the condition of use.
• When FIVA or the AC adaptor is warmer than usual, shut down the
power, unplug the power cord of the AC adaptor and remove the
battery pack.
Contact your original retailer or authorized distributor.
Avoid Strong Vibration and Impact
• Strong vibration or impact can cause malfunction. Be particularly
careful when FIVA is turned on. Vibration and impact can cause
corruption of data on built-in hard disk.
Avoid Water and Moisture
• FIVA is not water resistant. Never use or store FIVA where there is the
danger it might become exposed to water or moisture.
Transporting FIVA
• Be sure to shut down the power and disconnect all options (FD drive,
CD-ROM drive, etc.) before removing FIVA. Leaving cables connected
while removing FIVA can damage the cables and creates the danger
of accident.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents