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Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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This section describes what you should do whenever you start to
experience problems with operation of FIVA, its peripherals, or
applications you are running.

Basic Troubleshooting

Note the following important points whenever you are
experiencing problems.
1. Take your time.
2. Take notes of information that appears on the display.
3. Try to determine the possible cause of the problem.
4. Check the documentation and on-line help.
If the system seems to hang up, resist the urge to turn off power,
click things on the display, or press keyboard keys. The operation
you are performing may simply require a bit more time.
Message, numbers, and codes that appear on the display may
provide hints to the cause of the problem and what you need to
overcome it. Keep notes of such information when it appears on the
If FIVA is the source of the problem, or is it being caused by a
peripheral or application? Does the same operation or condition
always cause the same problem?
Is there something distinctive about the problem?
You may be able to find information that leads to the solution of the
problem in the documentation or on-line help of FIVA, its peripherals,
or your applications.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents