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Control Buttons And Stick - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Control Buttons and Stick

FIVA has a stick, two control buttons and a center button to control the
pointer ( ).
• Stick
This can be used to control the pointer on the screen.
Put a finger on the stick and move it in every direction to control the
pointer on the screen.
The pointer speed can be changed according to the force you press
the stick.
When you press the stick strongly, the pointer speed becomes fast.
Pressing the stick straight is the same operation as pressing the left
control button.
• Control Buttons
Move the pointer to the desired item and select it with the left or right
control button.
The left and right control buttons function like the left and right buttons
of the mouse respectively.
• Center Button
The part which is not displayed on the screen can be viewed by
scrolling the display. While holding down this button, operate the stick
in the direction of the part you want to view (available only for the
software compatible with this function).
Do not touch the stick, buttons or keyboard with hands which have
hand cream or oil on them. Doing so may cause fingers to slip while
operating and intrusion of oil-based compounds into the unit may cause
a malfunction such as input failure.
Control button (left)
Control button (right)
Center button



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