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Loading An Expansion Memory - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Loading an Expansion Memory

You can expand the FIVA memory by installing an expansion memory
board. Expanded memory can help applications and large-volume data
to be operated at a high speed. Use the optional expansion memory
board (MPC-252RAM/253RAM) or one specified by CASIO.
To increase the memory to maximum 192 MB, it is necessary to remove
the expansion memory board from the expansion slot and install the
optional expansion memory board (MPC-253RAM: 128 MB).
Before installing or removing expansion memory board
• The interior of FIVA can become quite hot during normal use. In this
• Shut down the power, unplug the AC adaptor and remove the battery
• As the expansion memory is the precision electric product, it may be
Removing the expansion memory board
1. Quit all applications and shut down the power.
2. Disconnect the AC adaptor, power cord and all peripheral cables
Do not disassemble the unit except the part described below.
As the high-voltage components are inside FIVA, improper
usage causes damage to the unit.
Do not place containers of liquids near FIVA and do not allow
any foreign matter to get into it. Doing so creates the danger
of shorting, fire and electric shock. If water or other foreign
matter gets into FIVA, immediately shut down the power and
contact your original retailer or authorized distributor.
case, leave the unit for about 10 minutes to allow the interior of the
unit to be cool before installing or removing the expansion memory.
pack before installing or removing the expansion memory.
damaged by static electricity from your body. Be sure to touch a
metallic object to discharge any static electricity from your body before
installing the expansion memory.
When the unit is in the Sleep Mode (Hibernation Mode or Standby
Mode), restore the system and shut it down.
from FIVA. Then turn over the FIVA and remove the battery pack.



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