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Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual page 77

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide


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Removing a CF card
Before removing a CF card from the slot, first click the Mobile Cockpit
PC Card button (
the CF card. And, be sure that an application or system is not running.
The CF card can be inserted or removed even when the power of this
unit is turned on or off, but not when the unit is in the Sleep Mode.
1. Stop using the CF card.
Click the Mobile Cockpit PC Card button (
PC Card button (
Properties. Select the card name from the list, and then click Stop to
cut off the power to the CF card.
When "You may safely remove this device." appears, click OK.
2. Remove the lid and pull out the puller tape on the card to remove the
CF card.
3. Cover the CF card slot with the lid.
) and disable CF card operation and then remove
) on the indicator area to open PC Card
Select the card here.
Click the Stop button.
) or double-click the


Table of Contents

Table of Contents