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Installing Applications From The "Product Recovery Cd-Rom; Installing The Casio Applications - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Installing applications from the "Product Recovery CD-ROM"

Installing the CASIO Applications

Some applications are installed in this unit at the factory. The procedure
you performed with the "Product Recovery CD-ROM" restores the hard
disk to virtually the same state it was in when the FIVA shipped from the
factory. Note, however, that the recovery procedure does not restore
the following software and settings. The applications are not
automatically installed from the "Product Recovery CD-ROM". You need
to start up the applications and then install them.
Acrobat Reader/FIVA TOOL
Wallpaper and screen
Windows Me Accessories
To install application from the Product Recovery CD-ROM
1. Insert the "Product Recovery CD-ROM" into the CD-ROM drive.
2. Click My Computer and then RECOVER...[D:].
3. The contents of the "Product Recovery CD-ROM" appear on the
Action Require to Restore
Install from the Product Recovery CD-ROM.
Make Display Properties settings.
Install using Add/Remove Programs.
If you are continuing from installation of Windows Me, remove the
"Microsoft Windows Me Operating System CD-ROM" and replace it
with the "Product Recovery CD-ROM."
display. Open the folder for the application you want to install by
double-clicking it.


Table of Contents

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