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Software Problems - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Software Problems

Cannot hear speaker output.
Nothing comes out of the speaker, even
when a pair of headphones is not
plugged in.
Sound output is too slow.
Sound output is broken.
The sound skip or communication error
occurs during playback or when the
FIVA is in communication.
Occasional inability to record from the
microphone or output sound from the
The one touch operation buttons do not
Recommended Action
Is a pair of headphones plugged into
FIVA? If so, unplug it.
• Change the volume control setting.
• Remove the check when the setting of
"Volume control" is set to the "mute".
Click the Mobile Cockpit Sound Volume
icon and then use the slider to adjust
speaker volume.
Turn off sound playback and then turn it
back on again.
Quit all other applications.
This may occur in the following cases.
• When the power supply is switched
between the AC adaptor and the battery
pack while the FiVA is used.
• When the battery control is open.
• When too much load is taken in the CPU
of the FIVA.
• When the speed of CPU becomes slow
because of high temperature inside the
Change the volume control setting or re-start
The "Mobile Cockpit II" activates the
application function of the one touch
operation buttons (P1: E-mail, P2: Internet,
P3: Memo). Thus, directly after recovering
from the Standby Mode or Hibernation
Mode, or when there is no selected item,
the one touch operation buttons may not
function. In this case, press the appropriate
button again or click on the screen.



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