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Power Supply - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Power Supply

Power does not turn on.
• Nothing happens when the power
switch is turned on.
• Power indicator lamp is flashing red.
• Power turns on but immediately turns off.
Power turns on, but the system does not
start up.
• The system does not start up when
power is turned on in the Hibernation
Display panel is open, but power does
not turn on.
Power turns off.
• FIVA suddenly goes into the
Hibernation Mode and power turns off
while you are using it.
Battery pack does not supply much
operation time, even after a full charge.
For safety reasons, FIVA is designed so CPU Clock Speed slows down
whenever internal temperature rises above a certain level. If operation
continues, FIVA automatically enters the Hibernation Mode.
Recommended Action
Use the AC adaptor to power FIVA.
• Confirm that FIVA is connected to the AC
adaptor, the AC adaptor is connected to
the power cord and the power cord is
connected to the power outlet securely.
• Confirm that the battery pack is installed
• Use a fully charged battery pack. If the
battery pack has small charge when
power is turned on, a warning message
appears momentarily and power turns
Leaving power turned on, press the
RESET switch on the bottom of FIVA.
Note that the RESET operation will result
in loss of any data saved by the
Hibernation Mode.
If the HDD indicator lamp is off, slide the
power switch to turn on power.
Use the AC adaptor or a fully charged
battery pack to power FIVA. A low battery
pack can cause power to suddenly turn off.
Wait for a while to allow the interior of
FIVA to cool down. See the
bottom of this page.
Open the Mobile Cockpit Battery Report
and check the battery inferior rate. When
the BATTERY LIFE mark becomes red,
replace the battery pack.
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Table of Contents

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