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General Operation Problems - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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General Operation Problems

Power indicator lamp flashes red
immediately after charging the
battery pack.
FIVA suddenly hangs up.
System runs too slow (1).
System runs too slow (2).
System runs too slow (3).
Displayed date and time are wrong.
Recommended Action
Purchase a new battery pack and replace
the current one. Battery packs tend to lose
their ability to charge after long use.
• If you suspect that the problem is due to
low battery power, connect the AC adaptor
and charge the battery.
• If you suspect that the problem is being
caused by the application you are using,
press the RESET switch and restart
Windows Me.
• Try turning power off and then back on again.
• Memory may be low, which means you have
to increase it by installing a separately
available expansion memory board.
When the Power Management is set to the
Economy Mode, set to the Normal Mode or
the Full power Mode.
Turn power off and wait for a while. Normal
operation should return after FIVA has a
chance to cool down.
• Use the Control Panel to set the correct
date and time.
• If the date and time seem to require
frequent setting, it may mean that the clock
battery is low. Contact your original dealer
or authorized distributor about having the
clock battery replaced.
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