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Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual page 122

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide


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3. Click the Windows Setup tab.
4. Select the components you want to install.
5. Start the installation.
The names of components that are already installed have a
checkmark next to them.
Select a component from the list, and then click the Details button.
For FIVA, you should check all components in the list except for the
• Multilanguage Support
• Commmunications cable connection, dial-up server, and virtual
private network
Click OK to install the components you selected. It takes about 10
minutes to install the components. During that time, do not perform
any other Windows Me operation. After a few moments a dialog
asking whether you want to restart Windows Me appears. Click Yes.
Select from this list.
Click here to specify which
parts you want installed.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents