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Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual page 6

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide


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Power Plug and AC Adaptor
AC cord plug and wall outlet illustrated in this User's Guide shows the
two-pin plug type. It may not be the same shape of AC cord plug used
in your area.
Use only a proper AC electric outlet (100V~240V) when
powering FIVA with the AC adaptor. Use of an outlet with
a different voltage from the rating creates the danger of
malfunction, fire, and electric shock. Overloading an
electric outlet creates the danger of overheating and
Make sure the power plug and AC adaptor plug are
inserted as far as they will go. Loose plugs create the
danger of electric shock, overheating, and fire.
• Do not use the adaptor if the plug is damaged. Never
connect to a power outlet that is loose.
Use a dry cloth to periodically wipe off any dust built up
on the prongs of the plug. Humidity can cause poor
insulation and create the danger of electric shock and
fire if dust stays on the prongs.
Do not allow the power cord or plug to become damaged,
and never try to modify them in any way. Continued use
of a damaged power cord can cause deterioration of
the insulation, exposure of internal wiring, and shorting,
which creates the danger of electric shock and fire.
• Contact your authorized distributor whenever the power
cord or plug requires repair or maintenance.
Use only the AC adaptor that comes with FIVA or the
one specified by CASIO. Use of another type of AC
adaptor creates the danger of fire.
AC adaptor


Table of Contents

Table of Contents