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Notice Concerning Fcc Radial Regulations - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide


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This equipment is registered with the FCC under Part 68 as a component
device for use with CASIO COMPUTER CO., LTD. models CASSIOPEIA
FIVA Series. In order for the FCC registration of this product to be
retained, all other products used in conjunction with this product must
also be FCC Part 68 registered for use with this host. If any of these
components are not registered, then you are required to obtain FCC
Part 68 registration of the assembles equipment prior to connection to
the telephone network. Part 68 registration requires that you maintain
this approval and as such are responsible for the following:
If the telephone company requests that you supply the FCC Registration
number and REN of the device you are connecting, please supply the
FCC Registration numbers from all component and host devices that
have a direct PSTN connection (i.e. have an REN stated on the label)
and the highest REN.

Notice Concerning FCC Radial Regulations

Note that federal law prohibits you from using software that is not in
compliance with FCC rules that regulate redialing on the computer or
other device where this modem is installed.
Any component added to your equipment, whether is bears
component registration or not, will require a Part 68 compliance
evaluation. You may need to test and make a modification filing to
the FCC before that new component can be used;
Any modification/update made by a manufacturer to any registered
component within your equipment, will require a Part 86 compliance
evaluation. You may need to test and make a modification filing to
the FCC before that modified component can be used;
If you continue to produce this component you are required to comply
with the FCC's Continuing Compliance requirements.
Therefore is all recommended that only FCC Part 68 registered
devices bearing the 'CN' or 'CE' equipment code as part of FCC
registration number, be used. To determine if your particular
component is appropriately approved, look for the FCC registration
number on all components and ensure that the classification code
'-CN-' or '-CE-' is part of that number. Refer to the FCC Registration
number on this products as an example."


Table of Contents

Table of Contents