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System Restoration - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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System Restoration

Using the supplied "Product Recovery CD-ROM", you can restore the
system and applications back to the factory defaults.
When Windows Me does not function correctly or when Windows Me
does not start up even if you turn on the power, restore the system with
the supplied "Product Recovery CD-ROM" (after this, the way to resume
the system is described as "System restoration").
• The optionally available CD-ROM drive is required to use the "Product
Recovery CD-ROM". Only the specified drive can be used.
"Option List" on page
• Keep "Windows Me" and "Product Recovery CD-ROM" securely. The
reissue is not available.
• System restoration deletes all data stored on the hard disk. Be sure to
make regular, even daily backup copies of all important data to protect
against loss, and keep them separately from the hard disk.
• Be sure to power FIVA with the AC adaptor whenever restoring the
system. Low battery power can cause the procedure to be aborted,
which requires starting again from the beginning.
To restore the system, perform the following procedure.
Before restoring, be sure to set the software switch to MODE A and set
the BIOS to the default setting. Never reset the Start-up mode switch
while restoring.



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