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Contacts; Contacts List; Create; Copy - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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3 Contacts

This chapter describes various kinds of functions of contacts. In idle screen, press the right
function key to enter contacts list.

3.1 Contacts list

Press RSK key to enter the contacts list in idle screen. All the records in the contacts
according to the pronunciation of name and alphabet. After selecting the record, you may press
Snd key to dial the telephone. And you may press LSK key to active options to implement the
following functions:
Select View detail to view the contact detail;
Select Create to create new contact;
Select Copy: to copy the data selected to mobile phone (SIM card);
Select Move: to move the data selected to mobile phone (SIM card);
Select Delete: to delete the phone records not needed to save;
Select Find to find contact;
Select Display type to set contact display type;
Select My number to edit number about this mobile phone number;
Select Memory status to view the memory status.

3.1.1 Create

After entering into the contacts, activate Options key and select the Create. Firstly to
confirm the storage type, including two options: "SIM" and "Phone". If full memory appears,
which means the mobile phone's memory has no enough space to save the record. The memory of
phone must be cleaned up for more space.
When the storage type is "Phone", on the screen of new record, it may input name, mobile
number, office number, home number.
When inputting the name, it will enter the edit screen of character. Please refer to the section
1.6 for operation of editing character.
When inputting the mobile number, office number and home number, it will enter into the
input screen of number, press LSK key for confirmation.
After completing the input, press LSK key, the mobile phone will prompt "Saved!".
When the storage type is "SIM", it may only input name and one mobile number.

3.1.2 Copy

After entering into the contacts, activate Options key and select the Copy, the copy function
of the mobile phone contains: Copy current, Multi-copy, To SIM, To phone.
Select Copy current to copy current contact;
Select Multi-copy to enter into multi-copy screen, this function contains: From SIM and
From phone;
Select From SIM: select the contact which local in SIM copy to phone;
Select From phone: select the contact which local in phone copy to SIM;
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