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Flash Dial; Minute Reminder; Connection Tone; Security - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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7.2.6 Flash dial

"Flash dial" can be set in the mobile phone. This is to use the number key of 2-9 to
represent different phone number. When using on the idle screen, long press some certain number
of 2-9 to dial the corresponding number. If the number key is not set with the phone number, the
mobile phone will prompt "Phone number empty".
After enter the screen of setting the quick dial, there is different prompt for various situation
of setting quick dial according to the number key selected. If the number key has been set as quick
dial, the bottom of mobile phone will display the number and contact person specified; if not, it
will display "Not set".
Select Delete to delete the existed number and reset the new number.
When setting the new number, using the way of inputting the numbers manually or browsing
the contacts to obtain the desired number, and put it into the specified number key of quick dial for
convenient use. After completing, the mobile phone will automatically determine that the selected
number exists in the phone or not. If strange, only the number is displayed to give you the correct
prompt as possible.
When the number key with the cursor is set as quick dial, the current icon is fitted and the
bottom of mobile phone will prompt the specified number and contact person; if the cursor does
not exist the specified key of quick dial, the fit does not exist over the number.

7.2.7 Minute reminder

Set up the open or close of minute prompt. If the function is started, there will be minute
prompt in the process of call. If closed, then there is no minute prompt at all.

7.2.8 Connection tone

"Connection tone" is to set the connection prompt on off. If it is on, there will be connection
prompt in the process of call. If off, then there is no connection prompt at all.

7.3 Security

The menu of "Security" includes the following settings: Call barring、SIM password.

7.3.1 Call barring

The network operators will provide you with a 4-digit password to enable or disable this
Incoming calls:
• When roaming: Reject all incoming calls when roaming.
• Incoming calls: Reject all incoming calls.
Outgoing calls:
• International: All outgoing international calls cannot be dialed out;
• Local calls: Only local calls can be dialed out;
• Outgoing calls: All calls cannot be dialed out.
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