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Input Method Of Other Letter; Input Method Of Number; Input Method Of Symbol; Dial And Answer The Phone - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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1.6.5 Input method of other letter

Follow location input methods in your phone.

1.6.6 Input method of number

The input method of number is mainly convenient for the inputting of number. Use 0—9
keys to input ten numbers from 0 to 9. You only need to press the corresponding number key input
the corresponding number.

1.6.7 Input method of symbol

Press * key to activate the input method of symbol, which is used to input various kinds of
symbols conveniently. When this kind of input method is selected, thirty-four symbols will appear
on the screen. You may press direction keys of up/down to select the symbol. After you find out
the symbol needed, press OK key to complete the inputting of one symbol. When press * key
again, it will exit the input method of symbol and automatically back to the input method which
you used last time.

1.7 Dial and answer the phone

After the setting of mobile phone is completed, you can dial or answer phone. This chapter
will provide all basic information you needed.

Turn on/off phone

1. Long press Pwr key to turn on phone, then the starting animation appears.
2. If PIN code is required, please refer to chapter 1.2.3.
3. In the status of power on, long press Pwr key to turn off phone.

1.7 Make a phone call

When the sign of network operator appears on the display screen, the phone enters the idle
screen, and then you can dial or answer calls. The indication bar on top left corner of screen
displays the intensity of network signal (Four level bars mean the strongest signal). The barrier has
great influence on the quality of talking, so moving in a small range can enhance the intensity of
signal effectively.
There are multiple dialing modes from idle screen, namely: direct dial, phone book dial,
quick dial and SIM card dial.

1.7.1 Direct dial

Dial the domestic phone
The simplest method to make a phone call is to use number keys to input the phone number
(if dialing domestic long-distance number, please add area code), then press Snd key and start
calling. When dialing, the display screen will display name (The number already exists in phone
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