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Sim Password; Network; Current Network; Auto Select - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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• Cancel all: Cancel all the call barring
Modify password:
You can change the restriction password provided by the network.

7.3.2 SIM password

"SIM password" is to the SIM password on/off and the change of PIN code.
PIN lock
to enable PIN code of SIM card. When it is on, you must enter PIN code to power
on or you are only allowed to make 112 emergency calls; to disable PIN code of SIM card. When
it is off, you do not need to enter PIN code to power on.
Change PIN
to change PIN code and set it your accustomed code number. Please notice the
change must be set under the case that PIN code is on.
Note: PIN code is relative with SIM card and it is the operational password of SIM card.

7.4 Network

When your mobile phone is roaming abroad, you need to select the network for it to connect
the international GSM network. Generally, you can select the network mode of auto select (see
below), or you also can select to search the available network automatically or manually (see
below) . If you attempt to connect a network which does not have the valid roaming agreement you
local network , the mobile phone will prompt "Registration failed!".

7.4.1 Current network

To display the name and ID of current network. Press Back to return previous screen.

7.4.2 Auto select

Your mobile phone will search the original network first, and then search through the
network list in SIM card. If there is no available network, any network which has the valid
roaming agreement with your local network will be connected.

7.4.3 Manually select

Your mobile phone will scan for available network and provide you with the list of current
network. You can select the preferred network, and the phone will prompt such information as
successful or failed during the connection with network.

7.5 Reset

"Reset" is to resume all original default value. After selecting, the system will prompt "Master
reset?". After confirming, the system resumes the default value and prompts "Master reset in
progress". Using this function will not clear the data of contacts and message saved by you own. It
only changes the setting of the working environment, such as the selection of ring tone and phone
modes, etc.
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