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Settings; Phone Settings; Ring Tone; Date &Time - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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7 Settings

7.1 Phone settings

"Phone settings" is to set the service status of mobile phone, which includes Ring tone、
Date&time、Language、Backlight and Auto key lock.

7.1.1 Ring tone

In the screen of "Ring tone" to set the prompt tone for Incoming call, SMS, Alarm and
Schedule. Select the item which is needed to set, and enter the selecting screen of ring tone, press
Options as follow and press Back to return previous screen:
Select Play to play current ring tone;
Select Set to confirm.
7.1.2 Date &time
For the time, date, and corresponding forms of setup, use the key of U or D to select the content,
press the LSK to confirm the content needed to change.
All you input the correct time with 12/24 hours
Adjust the format to show the time.
All you input the correct date.
Set up the format to show the date.

7.1.3 Language

In the window of "Language", there are two choices namely French and English,use U、D
key to select view the effect when setting,press OK or tap the corresponding menu, confirm the
content needed to modify; press Back to cancel the content selected.

7.1.4 Backlight

Set the background Backlight tine among 10 s、20s、30 s、60 s,press OK to confirm the
content selected. Press Back to cancel the content selected.

7.1.5 Auto key lock

"Auto key lock" is to set whether permitting to lock phone automatically or not. Select On the
system will lock phone when the brightness off; select Off the system will not lock phone anytime.
Time: to set the time of lock automatically with 10s, 20s and 30s.

7.2 Call settings

"Call settings" is to confirm whether to use the call function or not. When entering the
function, it will always show the practical setting.
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