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Edit Screen For Inputting The Text; Switch The Input Methods; Input Method Of Intelligent English; Input Method Of English Letter - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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1.6.1 Edit screen for inputting the text

It is used to input the text content, including the renaming, editing name, notes message etc.

1.6.2 Switch the input methods

When you want to input characters, you must select a kind of input method first.
The built-in input methods of mobile phone include as following:
T9EN (T9en)
abc (ABC)
To switch proper input method, please press:# key.
To switch Symbol input method, please press: * key.

1.6.3 Input method of intelligent English

The Intelligent English small letter input law has intelligence. Use number keys 2-9 to input
the corresponding letter. Each letter can be inputted through pressing the key only once and the
word on the screen will change along with it. You may press U key or D key to look over the
candidate words across pages and then press LSK key to confirm your selection. At this time, the
words you select will appear the text input area. For example, if you want to input "ok", you only
need to press the number key 6 and 5 (you may see the corresponding letter on the keyboard).
Then you will see the word "ok" to appear in the candidate area for word. Press LSK key to
confirm your selection and finish the input.
The operation procedure of intelligent English (capital letter: EN) is same as the input
method of intelligent English (small letter: en), and the only difference is the anterior one can
capitalize the first letter of word automatically.

1.6.4 Input method of English letter

Take the input method of English small letter as example: Within the input method of
English small letter, press the number key once for inputting the first letter on the key, and quickly
press twice for inputting the second letter. If the inputted letter and the first letter are on the same
key, please wait for the cursor to appear again and then input the new letter. For example, if you
want to input "ok", you only need to continuously press the number key 6 three times for
inputting "o", then continuously press the number key 5 twice for inputting "k" so as to complete
the input.
The detailed operation procedure of inputting the capital letter is the same as which of small
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