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My Number; Memory Status; View Detail - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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3.1.7 My number

Enter the edit screen of my number, you can modify and look over the local phone number.

3.1.8 Memory status

The function of memory status capacity is set in this mobile phone, which makes user clearly
understand the current usage situation of the mobile phone.
Memory status mainly provides the total and used amount of mobile phone and SIM card.

3.2 View detail

On idle screen, press Sr key to enter contacts list. List all the records in the contacts
according to the pronunciation of name and alphabet. After selecting the record, you may press
Snd key to dial the telephone or press Sl to view detailed information to perform as follows:
Select Edit: to edit the content of records in the phone according to the new record;
Select Send SMS: to send SMS to the selected number;
Select Delete: to delete the phone records not needed to save;
Select Copy: to copy the data selected to mobile phone (SIM card);
Select Move: to move the data selected to mobile phone (SIM card);
Select Send contact: send contact way of linkman to others as SMS. Press Sl to select and
conform it.
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