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Haier M307 User Manual

User manual
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M307S User Guide
This document and all its contents included remain the proprietary material of Qingdao
Haier Telecom Co. Ltd. (Haier Telecom) and are protected by the Chinese laws and
applicable international conventions on copyrights. Any reproduction, transmission,
disclosure,revision, modification or use otherwise of this document or the whole or part of
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  Summary of Contents for Haier M307

  • Page 1 Haier Telecom. Offenders will be liable for any and all damages caused by their offence hereof and will be subject to all remedies that Haier Telecom is entitled to seek under applicable laws.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    M307S User Guide Contents 1. Safety Precautions ......................4 2. Handset guide ....................... 5 2.1 Idle mode screen ....................6 2.2 Battery ......................... 6 2.3 SIM card....................... 7 2.4 Making and receiving a call.................. 7 3. Input method ......................... 8 4.
  • Page 3 M307S User Guide 11.2 Phone settings ....................15 11.3 Network settings....................16 11.4 Security settings....................16 11.5 Data account ....................17 11.6 Restore factory settings..................17 12. User profiles ......................17 13. Extra.......................... 17 13.1 Calculator......................17 13.2 Currency converter ..................18 14.
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    M307S User Guide 1. Safety Precautions Please read these simple guidelines. Not following them may be dangerous or illegal. Do not switch the phone on where Mobile Phone use is prohibited or when it may cause interference or danger. Do not place your phone and its accessories in containers with strong electromagnetic field.
  • Page 5: Handset Guide

    M307S User Guide 2. Handset guide The illustration below displays the main components of your phone. The appearance of the mobile phone and introduction: Name Description Left soft In standby mode, press left soft key to enter Menu. key (LSK) Right soft In standby mode, press right soft key to enter Phonebook.
  • Page 6: Idle Mode Screen

    M307S User Guide Number Enter numbers, letters, and some special characters. keys In standby mode, long press 1 key to access the Voicemail server. In standby mode, long press 0 key to select the symbol “0”,”+”,”p”,”w”. * key Input the symbol “*”. In standby mode, press LSK then * key to lock the keypad.
  • Page 7: Sim Card

    M307S User Guide 2.2.2 Charging the battery 2.3 SIM card 2.3.1 Insert and remove the SIM card Insert the SIM card Remove the SIM card 2.4 Making and receiving a call 2.4.1 To make a call You can use the function only after the network-prompting icon is shown on screen. 1.
  • Page 8: Input Method

    M307S User Guide phone number to dial. Notes: press send key to dial using SIM1 card and press LSK to dial using SIM2 card. 2. Making phone call using contacts Enter the phonebook to view the contacts list and select a desired entry to dial. 3.
  • Page 9: File Manager

    M307S User Guide English input method: input English characters. Spanish input method: input Spanish characters. Numeric input method: input numeric characters. Input method Icon Letter case Intelligent English upper case English lower case Spanish upper case Spanish lower case Multi-tap English upper case English lower case Spanish upper case...
  • Page 10: Copy Contacts

    M307S User Guide 5.4 Copy contacts This feature allows you to copy all entries from SIM to phone, phone to SIM and SIM to SIM. 5.5 Move contacts This feature allows you to move all entries from SIM to phone, phone to SIM and SIM to SIM.
  • Page 11: Fun & Games

    M307S User Guide By default the 1 key is used to set voice mail number. 5.9.3 My number Allow you edit my number. 5.9.4 Memory status This function helps you to check the number of entries stored in the names lists. You can check the memory status of the SIM card and phone memory.
  • Page 12: Messaging

    M307S User Guide You can set restriction for calls made from or to your phone. 5. Line switching You can choose between Line 1 and Line 2. 6. Closed user group This function needs support of network. For details, please consult local network operator. 7.2.2 Advance settings 1.
  • Page 13: Inbox

    M307S User Guide 5. Save to Drafts Allow you save the message to the draft. 8.2 Inbox Inbox contains the received text messages. 8.3 Drafts You can read the text messages saved in draft. 8.4 Outbox Use the menu to view and search the messages you sent. 8.5 MMS MMS can contain characters, voice segment and pictures, including the following sub-menu: Write message, Inbox, Outbox, Drafts, Templates, MMS settings.
  • Page 14: Channel List

    M307S User Guide 9.1 Channel list Allow you to save maximum 9 channels in channel list. You can play, delete, edit. 9.2 Manual input Allow you to input a channel manually to play. 9.3 Auto search Allow you to auto search and save channels. 9.4 Settings Allow you set the following functions: Background play, Loudspeaker.
  • Page 15: Settings

    M307S User Guide 11. Settings 11.1 Dual SIM settings You can select the following options: Dual SIM open, Only SIM1 open, Only SIM2 open, Flight mode. 11.2 Phone settings 11.2.1 Time and date You can customize the display of times and dates throughout your phone. 11.2.2 Schedule power on/off You can set the time that the phone is powered on/off automatically.
  • Page 16: Network Settings

    M307S User Guide 11.2.8 Misc. settings Allow you to adjust the LCD backlight. 11.3 Network settings You can set the network parameters. 11.4 Security settings 11.4.1 SIM1/SIM2 security settings 1. SIM lock This option is used to set the PIN code. The PIN code is used to protect your SIM card from random using by others.
  • Page 17: Data Account

    M307S User Guide 11.4.4 Change password This option is used to change phone password. 11.5 Data account Use the menu to set the GSM data and GPRS. 11.6 Restore factory settings Use this menu to reset the phone’s settings to the original factory settings 12.
  • Page 18: Currency Converter

    M307S User Guide 13.2 Currency converter Use the menu to convert the currency. Write the currency rate, press LSK to write the amount of local currency and press LSK. 14. Services Allow you view the contents provided by your SIM card service and internet service. 15.

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