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Calculator; Games; Brick - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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8.4 Calculator

Using calculator can do the arithmetic including addition, subtraction, multiplication and
division. After entering the screen of calculator, you may directly input the number to account,
and the number and character input will display on the screen of edit:
Take the calculation of 123456789x7.2 as an example:
First step:enter digits "123456789",and press # or press Options operation "Negative" to
change between positive and negative;
Second step:press Options operation "Multiply" in options;
Third step:enter digit "7.2",whereby the dot can be made by * or Options operation
Fourth step:press Options operation "Equals" in options;
The result will display on the bottom line.
Activate the key Options to select:
Press Delete to delete the content one by one on the edit screen, and press Back key to back
previous screen.
Press Delete all to delete the whole content on the edit screen.
In case that the calculation of number which is divided by zero produces a result over zero, or
the result is above 999999999 or below -999999999,the prompt "E" shall occur to indicate an

8.5 Games

8.5.1 Brick

The screen is divided into two regions: the game zone and the suggested zone. Brick is
standards, 9 species program. After each trip filled and eliminate points, and erasing the line a few
more, plus a fraction more and more. If the cubes is to the top cumulative result of the new
whereabouts were unable to block the end of the game. Suggested areas given the current scores
and the next a square shape. The game is adjustable difficulty.
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