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Unsuccessful Calls; Answer The Call; During The Talking; Adjust Volume - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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1.7.5 Unsuccessful calls

The phenomena of unsuccessful calls may appear during the dialing, for example: the line is
busy, reject the call, the phone of other side is not within service area or the phone of other side is
power off, etc. the phone will prompt "Call failed". At this time if you set auto redial (refer to
chapter 7.2.4), the phone will automatically redial for 10 times but all failed, or be canceled

1.8 Answer the call

When a new call comes, the phone will display the phone number or name of the new call,
and press D key and U key to silence. Moreover inform you by ring/ mute mode according to
your setting.
When the phone is in ring, and the indication of incoming call displays on the screen, press
Snd key or Answer key to answer the call.
After talking is over, press Pwr key to hang up the phone.
During the talking, the phone will prompt new call by short "toot" sound. At this time you
can press Snd key or Answer key to answer new call; moreover the previous call will become
hold status. If do not want to answer, you can press Pwr key or Reject key to reject the call.

1.9 During the talking

During the talking, activate Options key, which may complete the following functions: Hold,
Mute, New call, New SMS and Contacts.
Select Hold to hold the current talk (related with SIM card), at this time both parties can not
hear the voice, meanwhile the menu changes to Active, select this menu to return to normal
Select Mute to pause voice of current talking, at this time you can hear the voice of other side,
but it can not hear your voice, which facilitates you to talk with other local person to during the
talking. The menu changes to Unmute, select this menu to return to normal talking.
Select New call to make the second phone call, or press number keys to make a new call
during the talking, then press Snd key to dial out phone.
Select New SMS to enter new short message screen and complete the corresponding
operation, press Back key to exit short message screen and back to talking status.
Select Contacts to enter phone book screen, and implement the corresponding operation,
which facilitates to search a phone number during the dialing.
When dialing the extension, after hearing the prompt voice of the other side, directly dial the
extension number, and only extension number displays on the screen. When extension dialing
completed, press Delete and Back key to display the number of switchboard.
Press Handfree to enable handfree function, Handfree changes Receiver, press Receiver to
resume normal.

1.9.1 Adjust volume

Press U key and D key to decrease or increase the volume during the communication. Refer
to 1.4 chapter illustration for key positions.
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