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Memory Status; Cell Broadcast - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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4.1.9 Memory status

This function displays storage status for SMS, including phone and SIM card.

4.2 Cell broadcast

Cell broadcast is a kind of network service which helps you receive the messages such as
weather or traffic and so on. Before use this service, the channel number provided by the service
supplier must be set. Select the message window and roll the scroll bar to make the choice of "Cell
broadcast", then press "OK" to enter the window of "Cell broadcast".
Select Receive: enter the receiving window of message to choose the receiving function of
message On/Off.
Select Channel list: you may customize the channel for receiving the cell broadcast. Select
Channel list, press "Select" to enter the window of channels list. If you have been set any channel,
it shows the channel list; if not, it shows none. Activate "Options" to select Add enter the window
of editing the channel, input the number from the service supplier, then press "LSK" to confirm
the content inputted, or press "Back" to exit the edit window without editing. Select the channel
which has been set, press "Options", within the pop-up function menu, to select Edit modify the
current channel; select Delete to delete the channel selected.
The function is to confirm whether the other side has received the message. If closing it, the
function is invalid.
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