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Schedule; Enter Date; Create; Agenda - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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8.3 Schedule

8.3.1 Schedule
After entering the Schedule, the monthly Schedule for current date will be displayed. Use U,
D keys to select the preferred date, and the Gregorian Schedule year &month of specified date
display on the bottom right of corner of screen. Any date with event record will be represented in
black. Press LSK key to activate the menu, which covers:Enter date、Create、Agenda and

Memory status.

8.3.2 Enter date

Enter the edit screen of date, input day /month/ year that you needed, then press LSK key to
confirm, press Back to schedule screen.

8.3.3 Create

"Create" is used to add new events, and you need to input the relevant date & time for events,
then to set date and time for reminding.
On the screen of Schedule and event Schedule, press Options key to activate the menu,
The setting of new events covers the following contents:
Date:Refer to the date to be reminded for event, which may be set by entering the date with
number keys;
Time:Refer to the time to be reminded for event, which may be set on the screen of "Time";
Memo:Refer to the description of event, with contents to be input on the screen of edit, refer
to section 1.6;
Period:Refer to the period of event;
Status:Refer to make the schedule item on/off.

8.3.4 Agenda

Simply press LSK to enter schedule list box, which is used to check all schedulers. Activate
the key Options for following operations:
to view the content of selected scheduler;
Create:to add a new scheduler;
Delete:to delete the selected scheduler;
Delete all: to delete all the selected scheduler.
8.3.5 Memory status
Within the status of "Memory status", the free/total number of schedule items is displayed,
and press Back key to back to schedule screen.
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