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Connection Of Network; Sim Card; Insertion Of Sim Card; Unlocking Of Sim Card - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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The residual power capacity is represented by indication bars from one to four levels.

1.2 Connection of network

1.2.1 SIM card

Your network provider will provide you with a plug-in type of SIM card (user identification card). SIM card
is the key for you to enter the digital GSM network. Before using the mobile phone, you must insert valid SIM
card into the mobile phone.
All information related with network connection records in the SIM card, also including name, telephone
number and short message. SIM card can also be taken out from your mobile phone and insert into any GSM
mobile phone for use (new mobile phone automatically identifies SIM card.).
To prevent from loss and damage on the information in the card, please avoid touching the metal plat area
and keep the SIM far from electric and magnetic field. You can not enter the GSM network as the SIM card
Warning: Before taking out SIM card, the mobile phone must be turned off. It is absolutely prohibited
to insert into or take out SIM card when the phone is connecting to external power, otherwise SIM card may
be damaged.

1.2.2 Insertion of SIM card

Generally SIM card is put into a card, and it must be taken out carefully before installation.
Turn off the mobile phone and remove the battery and other external power.
Insert SIM card into the bottom of two lugs and ensure the metal plane area is downward and the position of
its corner is the same as which of clamping slot's corner;
Push SIM card , lock SIM card and install the battery;
If you need take out SIM card, please first turn off mobile phone and take out the battery, then remove SIM

1.2.3 Unlocking of SIM card

To prevent from illegal use, SIM card adopts PIN (personal identification number) code to encrypt for
protection. When this function is selected (refer to chapter 7.3.2), each time you turn on the mobile phone,
you must input PIN code to unlock SIM card for sending or answering calls. A user can also relieve SIM card
protection (refer to chapter 7.3.2). In this case, SIM card is not prevented from illegal use.
Long press Pwr to turn on the mobile phone;
Input PIN code, press left function key to confirm. For example: if PIN is set as 1234, then input as following:
1 2 3 4
If you continue inputting wrong code for three times, then your SIM card will be locked. The mobile phone
will query PUK code. (Please contact your network operator.)
Note: Your network operator will set a standard PIN number (from 4 bits to 8 bits) for
your SIM card; you should change it to your private password as rapidly as possible. Please
refer to chapter 7.3.2.
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