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Message; Sms; Create - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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4 Message

This chapter will introduce message services supported by GSM. Some service may be not
supported by local or roaming GSM.

4.1 SMS

Your phone can receive the edited text message via the service center. You also can send a
new message or reply a message (via the service center) if the network supports. If your service
provider supports message service, you can receive/send messages optionally.
The functions of messages include: Create, Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Drafts, My folder, Settings,
Voice mail and Memory status.

4.1.1 Create

A) To
Press the direction keys to slide the scroll bar to select "To", and directly press number keys
to input the desired number of contact person; or select it from contacts. (When the input area has
number, Contacts key on the bottom left corner will change to OK.) Press Sl key to enter the
screen of contact person, press U or D key to select the receiver, press Options to select "Select"
and "Confirm" to complete selection. Enter receiver list screen and activate Options: Edit
recipients to access the edit screen of the contact person and edit the contact person, Send to send
message, Add to add receiver, Contacts to enter the screen of contact person and add the contact
person, Delete to delete selected contact, Delete all to delete all receivers.
On the screen of "Create", activate Options key to operate as followings:
Select Contacts List to access the edit screen of the contact person and edit the contact
Select Send to send present message (only when insert number have this menu).
Select Contacts to access the receiver screen and add the receiver;
Select Save to save the message in "Drafts" in order to use it again and
avoid repeated input; (This menu will be valid only when the number or
content has been added.).
Note: For each time, the maximum number of receivers is 20.
When receivers are over 20, the phone prompts "Warning: More
than 20 recipients".
B) Content
The current screen is used to edit the content of message.
If highlight local in Content, activate Options key to operate as follows:
Select Edit content to enter into edit screen;
Select Send to send current message (This menu will be valid only when the contact person
has been added.);
Select Insert contact to insert the contact person saved in the contacts and its corresponding
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