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Security And Performance - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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Security and performance

Emergency service
In any country, if want to dial the emergency telephone, you can directly dial 112 (or other emergency service
telephone), you must confirm the power of mobile phone is on and it is within the service area, then input the
emergency service number (112 or other numbers) and press "Dial" key to make the call. Any digital network has
the emergency telephone service 112.
Note: Because of the property of the mobile network, each emergency call is not sure to succeed.
When using the radio frequency device including mobile phone, it is possible to have some disturbance
on some medical devices with bad shielding performance, such as Acoustic on or heart pacemaker.
Before using the mobile phone, please consult with the producer of the medical device or your doctor.
For the user with heart disease, please pay close attention to the setting of ring tone volume and
In the places where the explosive gas or production process exist, such as oil warehouse, or chemical
factory, please pay the close attention to restricts of use for radio frequency device. When your mobile
phone is in idle, it still emits electromagnetic signals. If required, you should turn off the mobile phone.
Please pay attention to the transportation safety. When driving, the mobile phone should not be used, if
using it; it is suggested to stop the car first.
When your mobile phone is missing or stolen, please immediately inform the telecom department to
prohibit the SIM card from using. It will make you free from the economic loss caused by other pseudo
When you contact with telecom department or sales agents, they should know the IMEI number of your
mobile phone, which is printed on the label of back of the mobile phone (remove battery to find it).
Please record the number and keep it safely for future use.
To make your mobile phone misused, please adopt prevention measures, such as: set SIM card PIN
number or personal security code or change the code in time as other person knows it.
When leave the car, please keep the mobile phone at the unobvious place, it would better take it or lock in the
luggage boot.
Please keep the children from the mobile phone, charger or battery.
Mobile phone
The mobile phone includes the precise electric wires, magnet and battery system, which should be dealt
with carefully, especially pays attention to the following important points:
Your mobile phone can produce electromagnetic field; please do not place the magnetic storage media
such as computer disk near to the mobile phone.
When using the mobile phone near to the electric devices such as TV, telephone, radio and personal
computer, it maybe leads to disturbance and effect on the performance of mobile phone.
No matter when, please do not make the mobile phone and its fitting parts touch the liquid or keep them
in the wet environment.
Please do not keep the mobile phone in the environment with over-temperature or under-temperature.
Please do not keep the mobile phone near to the flame, litten cigar or cigarette.
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