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Maintenance Guideline - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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12 Maintenance guideline

Welcome to use mobile phone produced by Haier Company. Whereby a failure occurs in the
use of your mobile phone, you are requested to contact with distributor or consult Haier
maintenance center; whereby the repair is needed, your mobile phone may be sent/brought to local
maintenance center(The specific maintenance centers shown in the voucher of warranty provided
with mobile phone.); whereby a maintenance center is not available in your place,you are
requested to bring the mobile phone and copy of its receipt to distributor for EMS mailing.
You shall be cautious to the use of mobile phone as it is made using excellent design and
technique. To prolong the life of mobile phone, you are required to perform the obligations specified in
the warranty terms as follow:
·Keep the mobile phone and its accessories away from the children;
·Keep the mobile phone dry all t he time as rain water, moisture, various liquid, and water contain
mineral materials, which may corrode the electronic circuit.
·Do not use, store the mobile phone in places containing dusts, which may damage its removable
·Do not store the mobile phone in the excessive hot place, as the high temperature might shorten
the life of electronic parts, damage the battery, and deform or even melt some plastic parts;
·Do not store the mobile phone in the excessive cold place, or the humidity may form inside of the
mobile phone when the temperature of mobile phone rises(up to normal temperature), which
may damage the circuit board;
·Do not attempt to disassemble the mobile phone as the operation by unprofessional personnel will
damage it;
·Do not throw, beat or shake the mobile phone, or the internal circuit board might be damaged;
·Do not clean and wash the mobile phone with strong chemical product, abluent, or strong
· Do not dye the mobile phone, or it will obstruct the removable parts so as to affect the normal
· To change the antenna,only authorized or match able antenna shall be used. Any use of
unauthorized antenna or modified accessories may damage the mobile phone and infringe the
relevant regulations for wireless devices.
All above recommendations are also applicable to your mobile phone, battery, charger and each
fitting part. If they can not work normally, please bring/send them to the qualified maintenance
organization nearest to you for repairing.
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