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Make A Phone Call From Contacts; Speed Dial; Sim Card Dial - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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book.) and telephone number.
After input telephone using number keys, please press Options key to activate the menu,
then the following menu items will appear.
Select Call to call out the phone;
Select Save number to save the telephone number (Refer to chapter 3.1.1 for detailed
Select Send SMS to enter short message edit screen and complete the corresponding
operation (Refer to chapter 4.1.1 for operation on function of short message);
After talking, press Pwr key to hang up the phone. The phone will display the duration for
call this time.
Dial the fixed extension telephone
Some fixed extension telephone can not directly be dialed. You need to connect the main line
first then dial the extension number. If you insert symbol "P" between the main number and the
extension number when inputting the number, the phone will make the call for you and dial the
extension number automatically. The method to input "P" is: long press number 0 key (which will
be displayed on your screen). You can input more than one "P" to increase the duration of
inputting the extension number.
Dial international phone call
When dialing international phone call, you only need input the symbol "+" (Continuously short
press * key until the symbol "+" displays on the display screen.), then input the country code and
whole telephone number.
For example: if making a phone call to France, you need continuously short press * key until
the symbol "+" appears, then input the country code of France "33" and whole telephone number.

1.7.2 Make a phone call from contacts

In idle screen, press RSK key to enter contacts screen and find corresponding person and
phone, then you can press Snd key to dial.

1.7.3 Speed dial

Speed dial is also called abbreviated dial, you can respectively set 8 number keys as
telephone number (refer to chapter 7.2.7 on setting).
In idle screen, long press the number keys from 2 to 9 which are set as quick dial to
automatically dial corresponding set phone number. If the selected number key is not set as quick
dial, the mobile phone will prompt "Phone number empty".

1.7.4 SIM card dial

In idle screen, press number key and # key in turn to dial from SIM card. That is the phone
number stored at the corresponding position in SIM card will display automatically. Activate
Options menu to select Call or press Snd key to dial out phone.
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