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Common Questions - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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10 Common questions

The mobile phone can not power on.
The phone can not make call and power off due to lower battery. Please charge the battery.
The mobile phone can not to dial some calls.
The Call barring has been set, which restricts the use of mobile phone, please check and
cancel it.
Someone else is answering my call.
The mobile phone has been set to transfer your call to another number, please check and cancel
The Display information
During the operation, the mobile phone may prompt the display information due to following error
"Insert SIM card"
SIM card must be inserted into mobile phone before used, or taken out (If already exists) for
cleanup the golden area with dry cloth and then insert again.
" Network not available"
Your mobile phone is out of the area covered by network (or the physical barrier might exist
between your phone and transmitter), and unable to dial or answer calls. Please close to the
window if indoors.
"Emergent call only"
If your mobile phone is out of the area covered by network of service supplier, and another
network within your area may allow you to dial emergent call subject to the intensity of
" Invalid SIM card"
The SIM card has been locked, which is unable to accept the SIM card inserted. Please insert
correct SIM card or contact with the distributor.
"Enter PUK code"
SIM card has been locked due to the wrong input of PIN code for three times continuously.
Therefore, you must apply a special eight-digit PUK code from the network supplier to
unlock the SIM card (PUK code may be supplied with PIN code at same time).
Warning: If input wrong PUK code for ten times continuously, SIM card will be locked
permanently. You must apply a new SIM card from the network supplier.
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