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Emergency Call - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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Select New call to make the second phone call, or press number keys to make a new call
during the talking, then press Snd key to dial out phone.
Select Mute to pause voice of current talking, at this time you can hear the voice of other side,
but it can not hear your voice, which facilitates you to talk with other local person to during the
talking. The menu changes to Unmute, select this menu to return to normal talking.
Select Contacts to enter phone book screen, and implement the corresponding operation,
which facilitates to search a phone number during the dialing.
If a new call comes during the conference talking, please refer to chapter 1.9.4 for processing.
Select Conference list: Enter current conference member list screen to hang up and divide
operation of the phone.
Press Handfree to enable handfree function , Handfree changes Receiver , press Receiver
to resume normal.

1.10 Emergency call

In any country using the digital GSM network, if your phone is within the area covered by
network (it can be aware by checking network signal intensity on top right corner of screen.), you
can call the emergency service. If your phone is within the area covered by network, you can make
an emergency call even you have not SIM card.
"112" is a standard emergency number of GSM, which can be used in any GSM
network of the world.
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