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Accessories; Alarm; Alarm On; Alarming - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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8 Accessories

8.1 Alarm

There are three alarms which can be set. The function and operation of three alarms are
completely same. You can set the alarm clocks on/off.

8.1.1 Alarm on

The user highlights an alarm and press OK key to view the status and the detailed settings. If
you want to alarm on, first to confirm the alarm time is right. For instance, if you attempt
alarm on at 00:00, to select "Time" on the display screen to enter the screen of Time setting,
input the time needed using the number keys, then press LSK key to confirm.
Secondly you need to conform Period is right. If not set the item, the alarm works once. If to
set others, enter the item of "Period", including four options:
Once:the alarm only works once and then it will be off;
Daily:the alarm works at the same time everyday;
Working day:the alarm works at the same time from Monday through Friday;
Weekend:the alarm works at the same set time only on Saturday &Sunday;
Select Name: to rename of the alarm as ones favorite.

8.2 Alarming

When the set time is reached, the phone will play the alarm tone (If the setting is on.) and
display the alarm time on the screen.
Even if the phone is power off, the phone still works. At this time, press Cancel (RSK) or
power key to stop the alarm, and it will prompt "Power on?". Select Yes to power on, Select
No to exit the screen.
Please notice if the date and time have changed the alarm still works as the original time.
Therefore, please confirm the alarm date and time changed for next time.
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