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Start To Use; Battery; The Disassembly And Installation Of Battery; Battery Charging - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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1 Start to use

Before using the mobile phone, please read this chapter. The chapter will tell you how to install charge and
maintain your mobile phone's battery. It also tells you the information about the digital GSM network and
instructs you how to insert and unlock SIM card. The detailed information about it will be also stated in the

1.1 Battery

The mobile phone contains one battery. When purchasing, the battery is not charged, but maybe supports to
turn on the phone. A new battery should be charged for at least 16 hours, after the battery is used up for the
first time, then it is charged fully for use; same as the second and third time, then the battery will easily reach
the best status for use.

1.1.1 The disassembly and installation of battery

When dissembling, make the mobile phone back face upward, slide the back cover, then take out the back
cover. Lift the top of the battery upward and take it out.
When installing, insert the clip at the bottom of the battery into the corresponding clamping slot in the
phone and press the battery downward, then install the phone's back cover.

1.1.2 Battery charging

Insert the adapter of the charger into the slot on the base of mobile phone, and keep the side with arrow
Connect the charger with the power. At this moment, a sign of charging will appear indicating the battery is
When the charging sign is static (and indicating the charging is completed), which means the charging is
completed. During the charging, the battery, mobile phone and charger will become heated, which is normal
After the charging completed, disconnect the power and pull off the charger.
Warning: When charging, the phone must be placed at the site with the temperature
between -5
and 55
without permission, it is possible to result in danger, moreover violate the permission and
terms of warranty for mobile phone.

1.1.3 Use of battery

The phone idle duration provided by the manufacturer is based on the ideal work environment. In the practice,
the work duration of battery will vary with the different network state, work environment and use mode.
Please deal with the battery according to local regulations; do not take it as the life waste.

1.1.4 Indication of battery capacity

When the mobile phone powers on, the level of battery capacity displays on the top right corner of the screen.
and use the charger from the provider. When using t
er manual
he charger
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