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Profiles - Haier M101 User Manual

Haier mobile phone user manual
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Phone modes are a group of preset characteristic definition, which is easy and quick to start.
The mobile phone provides a group of default modes including Normal, Meeting, Outdoor and
Silent. Every mode has a set of default value, and the user can change and save the mode
according to ones favorite.
After the desired working mode is selected, the current working mode of mobile phone will
set completely according to the selected mode. Activate Options key to have the options as
Activate: to active the mode;
Volume: to tune the volume of ring tone and receiver, select the content needed to set, and
press OK key to enter the corresponding adjusting screen. Use U and D key to tune up/down
the volume of ring tone for incoming calls. Press LSK to confirm and prompt "Set
successfully! ";
Ringer type: to set all prompt modes including Incoming call, SMS, Schedule and Alarm.
For example, if hope no ring prompt exists during the daily working, only press LSK key to
select the setting, then select LSK to finish it with confirm.
The mobile phone will prompt "Set successfully!";
Key tone: to set the key tone on/off;
Power on tone: to set the tone of power on on/off.
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