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Maintenance; Routine Testing; Batteries; Cleaning - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual


Create a logbook in accordance with the
recommendations of EN54 Part 14. This logbook
should be used and maintained for recording events
as described below.

9.1 Routine Testing

In order to ensure that the system is fully operational,
and to comply with the requirements of EN54 Part 14
and BS 5839 Part 1: 1988, the following routine
attention is recommended:
Daily - Check the panel to ascertain that it
indicates normal operation. If any fault is indicated
check that it has been recorded in the log book
and that the appropriate actions have been taken,
e.g. informing the maintaining company.
Weekly - Test at least one sensor or call point to
confirm the operation of the panel and the audible
alarms. Test a different zone each week and, if
possible, a different device. Keep a record of the
device and zone tested each week. Record and
report any malfunction.
Quarterly - The responsible person should ensure
that every three months the system is checked
by a competent person who shall:
a. Check the log book entries and any action
b. Check the standby batteries and the
charger voltage.
c. Test at least one device in each zone to
check the panel functions.
d. Check the operation of the audible alarms
and any link to a remote manned centre,
Central Station, etc.
e. Carry out a visual inspection of the
installation to check for alterations or
obstructions and issue a certificate of
Annually - The responsible person should ensure
that, in addition to the quarterly checks, each device
on the system is tested and that a visual inspection
is made of the cable fittings and equipment.

9.2 Batteries

As a minimum, replace the batteries every four years.
The battery units should always be disposed of in
accordance with the battery manufacturer 's
recommendations and local regulations.

9.3 Cleaning

The panel case may be cleaned periodically by
wiping with a soft, damp lint-free cloth. Do not use
any solvents.
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010



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