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Extension Chassis; Zones 17-80 Led Extension Chassis; Extension Chassis (With Printer) - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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Make sure ALL power to
the panel has been
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

5.5 Extension Chassis

The ID2000 Series extension chassis is required for
zones 17-80 LEDs and/or for mounting the ID2000 Series
PRN-ID printer. The extension chassis is very simple to
fit providing the instructions below are followed.
Taking suitable anti-static precautions, such as wearing
a grounded wrist strap, remove all packaging and inspect
for any damage that may have occurred in transit. If no
damage is evident, proceed with these instructions.
Before attempting this procedure, make sure ALL
power to the control panel is disconnected.

5.5.1 Zones 17-80 LED Extension Chassis

With the back box (A) secured to the wall in its chosen
location and with the batteries installed, fit the extension
chassis (B) as follows:
1 Locate the four supplied M4 x 16 SEM screws (C) in
2 Connect one end of the supplied, 10-way ribbon cable
3 Connect one end of the supplied earth lead (G) to
4 With the extension chassis correctly orientated (refer
5 With the extension chassis now located on the back
6 Connect the other end of the earth lead to the earthing
Note: All blade connections to earth incorporate a
7 Having made the connections described in steps 5
Note: When the panel is ready for the connection of

5.5.2 Extension Chassis (with Printer)

Refer to Section 5.6.
the back box holes (D) and insert them approximately
half way.
(E) to the top connector (F), marked 'IN', of the LED
the earthing blade terminal (H) on the extension
to drawing at left), locate the keyholes onto the four
screws with the threaded part in contact with the top
flats of the keyholes.
box, open the main chassis front door and connect
the other end of the 10-way ribbon cable at socket
SK19 (I) on the Base PCB (J).
blade terminals located inside the back box and to the
right of the chassis.
locking barb. To remove this connection, press
the release tab on the connector.
and 6 above, use a Posidriv No.2 screwdriver to
secure the extension chassis.
power, use the aperture on the right-hand side of
the extension chassis to access the wiring to make
the last connection to the batteries - refer to
Section 8.5.1, Connecting the Batteries.



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