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Replacing The Electronics Modules; Flush Mounting Bezel (Optional) - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual
To avoid damage to the
electronics, remove trades'
operation debris before
fitting module.
Before drilling the back
box, make sure that no
equipment is fitted.
This procedure MUST be followed:
1 Fit the PSU to the main chassis - refer to Section 5.2
for details.
2 Fit the main chassis to the back box - refer to Section
5.3 for details.
3 Make all wiring, cabling and battery connections to the
main chassis - refer to Section 8, Commissioning for

2.5 Replacing the Electronics Modules

In the unlikely event that an electronics module becomes
faulty, all necessary instructions are provided with the
replacement item and in this manual under Section 5,
Panel Electronics Modules.

2.6 Flush Mounting Bezel (Optional)

If semi-flush mounting of the ID2000 Series control panel is
required, a recess 110mm deep, for the standard depth
versions, or 208mm, for the deep versions, and large enough
to accommodate the back box must be cut in the wall (refer
to Section 2.4.3 Back Box Fixing for dimensions).
To fit the bezel:
1 Offer the bezel (A), flat side towards you, to the front
of the back box (B) and position it so the bezel front
face (C) is lined up with the front face of the back box
shoulder (D).
2 With the bezel held in position, use the slotted holes
(E) on the bezel side plates as guides to drill eight
3mm holes. Remove any swarf created.
3 Use M3 self-tapping screws for fixing.
Note: The ID2000 Series back box must be fixed using
the rear fixing holes and reliance must not be
placed on the bezel as a means of fixing. The back
box must be fixed to a solid vertical surface, or
sub-frame inside the recess using the normal rear-
mounting holes.
All dimensions in millimetres
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010



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