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Powering The Panel; External Wiring; Introduction - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

8.3 Powering the Panel

1 Connecting power, ALL front panel LED indicators
2 View the liquid crystal display. It should momentarily
Note: If faults are shown (other than the loss of loops on a
3 Externally isolate the AC mains supply at the third-

8.4 External Wiring

Refer to the appropriate module cable and wiring
instructions to identify the terminals for cable
5.10.1 Isolated RS232 Interface PCB Cables and
5.11.1 Isolated RS485 Interface PCB Cables and

8.4.1 Introduction

There are five stages to commissioning the external
a. Checking the loop wiring for continuity, reversed
b. Connecting the loop wiring to the panel.
c. Checking for faults after the loop wiring is connected
d. Checking the 24V auxiliary outputs wiring and
e. Checking the sounder circuits.
Note: The total length of the communications loop pair
should be extinguished with the exception of the green
display the start-up message 'NOTIFIER ID200x
Version x.xx Intelligent Fire Detection System' where
'x' is either '0' or '2' and 'x.xx' is the software version
number. The display should then read 'Status:
NORMAL (Date and time)' unless faults are present
on the system (if the panel has already been
configured, then faults indicating the loss of all loop
devices will be shown).
configured panel), these must be cleared before you
proceed further with the commissioning procedure.
party-supplied isolation unit.
Base PCB Cables and Wiring. (Loops 1 & 2,
Sounder outputs 1 to 4, Auxiliary outputs 1 & 2,
Fault Relay and Fire Relay outputs).
Loop Interface PCB Cables and Wiring. (Loops
3 to 8 [as applicable]).
Wiring. (RS232 output).
Wiring. (RS485 output).
devices, short circuits and open circuits.
to the panel.
selecting the resettable status.
cannot exceed 2000 metres.



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