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Kit Psu3A; Procedure - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

5.2 Kit PSU3A

The Kit PSU3A module is very easy to fit to the main
chassis, providing the instructions described below are
followed. The PSU is located in an open, rear
compartment of the main chassis and MUST be fitted
before installing the main chassis in the back box. The
PSU3A module is secured to the main chassis using
four M4 x 8 SEM screws.
Note: To replace a PSU3A, disconnect the batteries and
Check Your Equipment....
Before proceeding with the PSU installation, first remove
all packaging and inspect for any damage which may
have occurred in transit. If no damage is evident,
proceed with the installation of the PSU module.
A Cautionary Note....
During this procedure, various wiring connections are
made and it is important that the manufacturer's
recommendations are followed to avoid the possibility
of damage occuring when fitting the PSU module.

5.2.1 Procedure

Orientate the PSU3A assembly (A) so that the side with
the 'rating' label (B) is facing you (see drawing at left) -
this side is provided with four holes (C) for fitting the
PSU. Fit the PSU to the main chassis assembly (D) as
1 Line the four holes (E) on the front face of the main
2 Use a No. 2 Posidriv screwdriver and the four M4 x
The drawing at left shows the PSU3A module correctly
located in the main chassis.
isolate mains power, reverse the installation
procedure to remove the faulty unit, then install
the replacement as described below.
chassis with the corresponding holes (C) on the PSU
8 SEM screws (F) supplied with the PSU to secure
the PSU firmly to the main chassis.
When fitting the PSU, use only the
M4 x 8 screws supplied with the PSU
- and NOT the M4 x 16 screws
supplied with the Main Chassis.



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