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Processor Pcb - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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Make sure you have
a PC back-up of the
configuration data
Disconnect ALL power
from the ID2000
Series panel
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

5.9 Processor PCB

The ID2000 Series Processor PCB controls and monitors all
ID2000 Series Control Panel processing functions. The
Processor PCB is electrically connected to the Display PCB
and the Base PCB. The Processor PCB (PN: 124-302) engages
a 64-way socket on the right-hand edge of the Base PCB and is
held in place with two M3 x 10 SEM screws. Connection is provided
to the Display PCB via a 34-way ribbon cable.
In the unlikely event that the Processor PCB needs
replacing, follow the procedure described below using
the PCB supplied as part of a spares kit (PN: 020-496).
Before starting, make sure you have a PC back-up
of the panel's current configuration data.
Ensure you take appropriate anti-static precautions
before undertaking this procedure.
With the front cover moulding(s) removed and ALL power
disconnected, proceed as follows:
1 Using a suitable-sized coin, release the two quarter-
2 At connector J2 on the Processor PCB (D), disconnect the
Note: If applicable, the wiring on the upper edge of the
3 Using a No.1 Posidriv screwdriver, remove the two
Note: The Processor PCB is held in position until withdrawn
4 Using a constant and firm pulling action, withdraw
5 With the replacement Processor PCB correctly orientated
6 Re-connect the 34-way ribbon cable between the
7 Close the main chassis front door. Re-connect mains
8 If no faults exist, use the Off-line Configuration Program to
9 If panel status is normal, replace the front cover moulding(s).
turn fasteners (A) located at the left-hand side of the
main chassis front door (B). Open the door to gain
access to the main chassis' PCB enclosure (C).
34-way ribbon cable (E) from the Display PCB (F). Second
layer PCB(s), if fitted, have to be removed at socket J6.
Processor PCB may have to be disconnected.
M3 x 10 SEM screws located in the two right-hand
corners (G) of the Processor PCB and keep safe.
from the 64-way socket on the Base PCB.
the Processor PCB from the main chassis PCB
enclosure and place in an anti-static bag.
(see lower drawing), offer the PCB to the right-hand edge
socket SK11 on the Base PCB. Ensure the connector J5
cleanly engages the Base PCB socket SK11. Once in
position, replace the two screws and secure.
Processor PCB and Display PCB.
power and the batteries. If no faults exist, the following
message is displayed:
download your previous system configuration data. If any
faults exist, consult the ID2000 Series Operating Manual
(ref. 997-434-XXX), or your supplier if the problem persists.



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