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Repeaters And Network; Connecting Repeaters - Honeywell NOTIFIER ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

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EN54-2: 12.5 Integrity of
transmission paths.
This network does not
provide the required
transmission path
Apply power BEFORE
making any RS485
997-433-000-5, Issue 5
May 2010
ID2000 Series Installation & Commissioning Manual

Repeaters and Network

Repeaters can be connected to the ID2000 Series panel
via an RS485 serial data link. This link can also be
used to network slave terminals to the panel.

6.1 Connecting Repeaters

Each ID2000 Series control panel is capable of
communicating with up to thirty one repeater panels
connected in a 'daisy chain' arrangement.
Note: DO NOT make any RS485 connections between
The termination resistor must be disconnected, from all
stations except the two end stations. Do this as follows:
1 If the control panel is NOT an end station, move the
2 At intermediate repeater stations, disconnect the line-
Note: End stations can be repeater panels or fire control
Note: The repeaters at each end of the network must
control panels or repeaters until power has been
applied, i.e. sequence of connections is: power
on first, then make data connection.
jumper links from JP3/5/6 to JP1/2/4. This
disconnects the line-terminating resistor on the
isolated RS485 PCB.
terminating resistor as described in the repeater
panels (master or slave) or a combination of these,
depending upon your particular system
have terminating resistors fitted (as shown in the
example above). If a control panel is one of the
'end of network' stations, then this must have the
terminating resistor fitted instead.



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